September 19, 2009

Whiteface and Esther

4,867 feet  |  ranked 5/46 in height  |  12th peak climbed 
4,240 feet  |  ranked 28/46 in height  |  9th peak climbed (repeat)

Whiteface and Esther are the northern-most of the Adirondack high peaks, set well apart from the rest.  Due to that separation, Whiteface is easy to identify from a distance, especially given the distinctive slides, ski slopes, and castle-like structure perched up top.  On the Saturday morning of our climb, we picked it out on the drive to the trailhead without those giveaway landmarks: it was the one entirely ensconced in clouds.  My companion for this hike was my sister, Erin.  We parked at the ASRC just after 8 am, and after a few minutes of last minute gear shuffling, we set off. 

September 4, 2009

Wolf Jaws

Upper Wolf Jaw
4,185 feet  |  ranked 29/46 in height  |  10th peak climbed
Lower Wolf Jaw
4,175feet  |  ranked 30/46 in height  |  11th peak climbed

It was 8:30 on the Friday morning of Labor Day weekend when my husband and I set out from the parking lot.  The beginning of the hike from the AuSable Road trailhead is utterly incongruous with virtually any ultimate destination that can be reached from there, as private lands belonging to the Adirondack Mountain Reserve/AuSable Club must be crossed to reach state land.  We powered through the first 0.7 mile along the dirt road, through a golf course, past the tennis courts and clubhouse, and finally, past the beautiful “camps” of super-privileged club members.