July 24, 2019

Goodnow Mountain

Frankie and I had been thwarted on a previous attempt at Goodnow, when the trail and fire tower were both closed due to active maintenance - meteorological equipment was being replaced on the tower, and there were safety concerns about falling objects.  So today was a little bit of redemption, the views that much sweeter for having to wait.  We did this as a day trip, driving up to Newcomb, hiking, then driving back home.  That's a long day, with more time in the car than hiking, but it was totally worth it to scratch this lingering itch.  And the views here really are fantastic!

July 13, 2019

Jones Hill & Tinker Falls

This was our first weekend home after returning from Europe, and Frankie and I wanted to meet up with Erin and Alden.  Alden is about the same age Frankie was when he first climbed up to the hang glider launch spot on Jones Hill, so I suggested that.  Labrador Hollow is a substantially longer drive from Erin's house than from mine, so she drove to our house and then rode with Frankie and I the rest of the way.  I was last up here in January 2018, so was pleased to return after such a long absence.  Jones Hill is a hike worth revisiting again and again.