December 9, 2018

Great Bear in December

Erin had mentioned a while ago that on their last visit to Great Bear, she and Alden had ventured along the river beyond our normal turnaround point, coming back a different way, via the Root Hill Trail instead of Great Bear Road.  This is not significantly longer but adds great interest, and avoids a big climb at the end of the hike, which is advantageous when hiking with young kids.  Frankie and I were immediately intrigued, and excited to join in another time.  Today proved a perfect opportunity!  We hadn't made advance plans and had a lazy morning, but it looked so nice outside, I started to get itchy.  Alden has stopped napping, which makes it easier to wing it with haphazard adventures, so Erin and I texted back and forth a bit and decided to go for it.  Neither of us had packable lunch supplies, so we met at Friendly's for a bit of lunch first.  The boys were thrilled, of course.  Then... off to the woods!!