August 31, 2012

Colden Loop

4,714 feet  |  ranked 11/46 in height  |  16th peak climbed

My sister was my hiking partner again for Colden; what a relief to find a partner eager to climb more than one mountain per year, my husband's self-imposed limit.  Neither Erin or I had been through Avalanche Pass before, so we decided to make a loop of the hike, ascending via Lake Arnold and returning through the pass.  Much as Street and Nye did with regard to "trailless" peaks, this hike boosted confidence with regard to hike length.  We've already completed most of the hikes that total 10 miles or less, and it was empowering to choose the longer and more challenging return route through the pass rather than go back the way we came.  And so rewarding!  Avalanche Pass is truly amazing. 

View of Colden from Marcy Dam
At Lake Arnold
On the false summit, with the true summit looming
Looking back at the false summit
On the summit ridge
Someone jerk stole the benchmark
On the summit, with Marcy, Gray, and Skylight behind us
Hightailing it off the summit ridge as a thunderstorm approached
Heading down
Flowed Lands and Lake Colden
Juncus trifidus, Arctic rush
It rained just enough to make the descent a bit slick, but quickly blew over.  Blue skies again for Avalanche Lake.
Trap Dike
Hitch-up Matildas

August 3, 2012

Street and Nye

3,895 feet  |  ranked 45/46 in height  |  14th peak climbed
4,166 feet  |  ranked 31/46 in height  |  15th peak climbed

My sister and I wanted to take advantage of the cabin rental and associated proximity to the trailheads to get in another high peak or two.  Since Erwin had already headed home to take care of the cats, my parents would be staying with Frankie for the day.  Out of loyalty and appreciation, Erin and I decided to tackle a hike my folks had already completed: Street and Nye.  This had the advantage of being a relatively short hike, which was comforting for me, not knowing how Frankie would do all day without me in a strange place (of course he was fine; he had a blast).  It was also a good choice for skill/confidence building, given our limited experience with trailless peaks. 

The wooded summit of Nye
Erin with the summit marker
Erin and I at Nye's summit
At the summit of Street
Street was Erin's 8th high peak
There are views to be found on the Street summit ridge.  A little extra height  helps see over the trees.
View of the MacIntyres from Street
As with Tabletop, I loved this hike, despite the lack of significant views. The herd path follows a brook for much of the ascent, making for a very pleasant climb. I look forward to returning again sometime.