September 1, 2013

Three MacIntyres

5,114 feet  |  ranked 2/46 in height  |  6th peak climbed (repeat)
4,840 feet  |  ranked 8/46 in height  |  22nd peak climbed 
4,580 feet  |  ranked 16/46 in height  |  5th peak climbed (repeat)

Since we were both staying in the Adirondacks over the holiday weekend, Erin and I planned to meet up for a High Peaks hike.  Erin and her husband Brian were campering in Wilmington, while Erwin, Frankie, and I were staying in the Notman Suite at the Keene Valley Lodge (which is perfect for traveling with a little one – it’s so handy to have a kitchen, and a separate living room for nap/bed time).  Jason and Susie and a big group of their friends were staying at the Phelps Cottage next door, a big house that is part of the Lodge property.  When he found out I’d be meeting Erin for a High Peak hike, Jason was super excited to join in on the fun; Susie and an indeterminate number of the larger party also expressed somewhat lukewarm interest.  Erin and I are pretty slow hikers and were somewhat intimidated by the prospect of hiking with much fitter companions.  That consideration weighed heavily into our peak selection – we didn’t want anything too long or too challenging.  We also wanted something with impressive views, to wow Jason on his first official Adirondack High Peak.