September 26, 2015

Kane Mountain Fire Tower

I was still a little disappointed about not climbing any mountains at Labor Day weekend, so decided to try to squeeze something in this fall.  We can drive to the Adirondacks foothills in about two hours, so that is manageable for a day trip with the boy.  However, Frankie was not enthusiastic about the idea of a two hour drive (each way).  I'm not proud of it, but I found a solution: I let him play with "his phone" in the car, an old retired smart phone that no longer has service.  Erwin loaded it up with a bunch of games for Frankie to play with on long flights.  He has never before used it outside of an airport or airplane, and he was very excited for the additional opportunity.  I'd rather he look out the window as we drive and talk to me, but it worked: we arrived at the trailhead happy.  

September 5, 2015

The Shoebox

We had the Keene rental for the entire long weekend, so of course I wanted to hike again.  I simply can't be in the Adirondacks and not feel that call.  However, in order to be accessible and appealing for our whole group, the trail would need to be fairly short and easy (no High Peaks!) and include a swimming hole of some kind.  I have not typically included swimming as a hike criterion, so decided to consult my High Peaks Trails book.  There are six places listed in the index under "swimming," including Copperas Pond, which we visited yesterday.  The Boquet River immediately caught my eye because I've read a number of trip reports from folks using that herd path to access the Grace Slide, and without fail, everyone spoke highly of the river and it's pools.  

September 4, 2015

Adirondack Ponds: Owen to Copperas Traverse

Copperas Pond
We rented a house in Keene Valley with our friends Jason and Susie for the holiday weekend.  Labor Day in the Adirondacks is a treasured tradition for Erwin and I, and Jay and Susie have joined us every year starting in 2009.  This trip was the first time we met their twins, Scarlett and Veronica, and the girls first visit to the Adirondacks.  Susie is not really a big hiker, but she loves swimming.  We had taken them up to Copperas Pond in 2012, and they wanted to go back.  Although this was to be Frankie and Erwin's third trip there and my fourth, we were all on board.  Copperas Pond is a really special place, and it's a great family hike.