August 30, 2013

Owl's Head in Keene

Owl's Head
2,120 feet

Erwin and I had hiked Owl's Head once before when I was pregnant, so we knew it would be a good mountain for Frankie's first real climb.  He'd already been up a few mountains, of course, but in the carrier, and now he likes to hike on his own.  However, since he's still two and we want him to enjoy hiking, the mountain needed to be a pretty modest undertaking.  Owl's Head fit the bill perfectly.  It is a real little mountain: there are ledges with views to encourage one upward, steep rock scrambles, exposure, and a magnificent view from the summit.  Plus, it's only 0.6 mile to the summit with 460 feet in elevation gain.

August 10, 2013

Mossy Marshall

4,360 feet  |  ranked 25/46 in height  |  21st peak climbed

After a month to recover from the bug situation on Seymour, Erin and I were ready for another hike.  We'd be repeating our now-standard long day of drive-hike-drive, so had to limit our selection to something relatively easy to accommodate our slow pace.  At roughly 14 miles round trip with approximately 2,600-feet elevation gain, Marshall seemed like a good choice, and I was super excited to check out another new trailhead: Upper Works.