September 1, 2013

Three MacIntyres

5,114 feet  |  ranked 2/46 in height  |  6th peak climbed (repeat)
4,840 feet  |  ranked 8/46 in height  |  22nd peak climbed 
4,580 feet  |  ranked 16/46 in height  |  5th peak climbed (repeat)

Since we were both staying in the Adirondacks over the holiday weekend, Erin and I planned to meet up for a High Peaks hike.  Erin and her husband Brian were campering in Wilmington, while Erwin, Frankie, and I were staying in the Notman Suite at the Keene Valley Lodge (which is perfect for traveling with a little one – it’s so handy to have a kitchen, and a separate living room for nap/bed time).  Jason and Susie and a big group of their friends were staying at the Phelps Cottage next door, a big house that is part of the Lodge property.  When he found out I’d be meeting Erin for a High Peak hike, Jason was super excited to join in on the fun; Susie and an indeterminate number of the larger party also expressed somewhat lukewarm interest.  Erin and I are pretty slow hikers and were somewhat intimidated by the prospect of hiking with much fitter companions.  That consideration weighed heavily into our peak selection – we didn’t want anything too long or too challenging.  We also wanted something with impressive views, to wow Jason on his first official Adirondack High Peak. 

August 30, 2013

Owl's Head in Keene

Owl's Head
2,120 feet

Erwin and I had hiked Owl's Head once before when I was pregnant, so we knew it would be a good mountain for Frankie's first real climb.  He'd already been up a few mountains, of course, but in the carrier, and now he likes to hike on his own.  However, since he's still two and we want him to enjoy hiking, the mountain needed to be a pretty modest undertaking.  Owl's Head fit the bill perfectly.  It is a real little mountain: there are ledges with views to encourage one upward, steep rock scrambles, exposure, and a magnificent view from the summit.  Plus, it's only 0.6 mile to the summit with 460 feet in elevation gain.

August 10, 2013

Mossy Marshall

4,360 feet  |  ranked 25/46 in height  |  21st peak climbed

After a month to recover from the bug situation on Seymour, Erin and I were ready for another hike.  We'd be repeating our now-standard long day of drive-hike-drive, so had to limit our selection to something relatively easy to accommodate our slow pace.  At roughly 14 miles round trip with approximately 2,600-feet elevation gain, Marshall seemed like a good choice, and I was super excited to check out another new trailhead: Upper Works.

July 3, 2013

Sloppy Seymour

4,120 feet  |  ranked 34/46 in height  |  20th peak climbed

Due to our overwhelming desire to get back in the mountains, Erin and I decided to repeat the drive-hike-drive scenario we had success with last month.  It makes for an extremely long and exhausting day, but is easier to swing logistically.  We selected Seymour for this hike because neither of us had been to the Corey's Road trailhead before, and it's nice to mix things up, plus it has the advantage of being a slightly shorter drive.  There was a 40% chance of rain, and the NYSDEC had just lifted the muddy trail restrictions the day before.  We went in knowing the Sewards always have a bit of a reputation for mud, and thinking we had some idea of what to expect.

June 22, 2013

Beaver Lake: Hemlock Hollow and Bog Trails

I started Frankie out in a hat for this hike, for protection against mosquitoes.  However, it quickly became clear that the heat would be a bigger challenge to our comfort, so we ended up ditching the hat.  It got close to 90 degrees today, and my little sweat-head definitely lived up to his moniker.  Frankie loves boardwalks, so we made a figure-eight shaped loop using the Hemlock Hollow Trail and the Bog Trail.  Even when combined, these trails are only 1.0 mile, and are easy and level-surfaced.  This meant Frankie could manage the hike on his own, which is a bonus for me in the heat.  I'm a sweat-head, too!

June 5, 2013

Lower Dixes

4,405 feet  |  ranked 21/46 in height  |  17th peak climbed
South Dix
4,060 feet  |  ranked 37/46 in height  |  18th peak climbed 
East Dix
4,012 feet  |  ranked 42/46 in height  |  19th peak climbed

Erin and I met at a Thruway park-n-ride at 4:15 am on a Wednesday morning, and by the time we returned to pick up my car it was 11 pm.  This was a very long day for us (especially considering we both worked the next day, and I leave for work at 6:15 am).  However, we were desperate to get in a hike and this strategy made it happen.  I had been worried about the limited parking at Elk Lake and our late arrival due to the long drive, but luckily there was only one other car in the lot when we arrived around 8 am.  The bugs were horrendous, and we were bit all to hell as we put on our boots and made last minute pack adjustments.  Luckily once we started moving, the bugs dissipated.