July 3, 2013

Sloppy Seymour

4,120 feet  |  ranked 34/46 in height  |  20th peak climbed

Due to our overwhelming desire to get back in the mountains, Erin and I decided to repeat the drive-hike-drive scenario we had success with last month.  It makes for an extremely long and exhausting day, but is easier to swing logistically.  We selected Seymour for this hike because neither of us had been to the Corey's Road trailhead before, and it's nice to mix things up, plus it has the advantage of being a slightly shorter drive.  There was a 40% chance of rain, and the NYSDEC had just lifted the muddy trail restrictions the day before.  We went in knowing the Sewards always have a bit of a reputation for mud, and thinking we had some idea of what to expect.