October 7, 2015

Clark in October

It is a long ways between Michigan and Maine, so when my Mom visits her brother, she'll often break the drive up into two days, stopping here for a brief visit en route.  We didn't see them on their way up this trip, but Mary and Keith were able to join us for dinner last night on their way back home.  Then, since I had the day off from work today, they stayed on for an extra day and we went for a hike together.  They suggested Clark Reservation, albeit somewhat hesitantly, out of concern that I might go too often, but that is never the case!  Plus, I actually haven't been there in a while and was genuinely pleased with the idea.

I deferred to Mary and Keith for route selection to give them the chance to visit favorite spots they don't see very often.  They decided we should go out along the Cliff Trail, then descend the hill and skirt back along the Lake Trail before climbing the stairs back up top.  It was a gorgeous day, and we highly enjoyed our mosey through the woods.  The leaves are starting to turn, especially on the maples.  The water level in the lake was unusually low, revealing what looked like marl beds from above, but turned out to be calcium-crusted dried aquatic plants.  It was very interesting to creep out into.  Always fresh joy to be found...

Photo by Mary

Photo by Keith

Photo by Mary

Photo by Mary

Underwater leaves

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