March 26, 2016

Alden's Birthday at Great Bear

Erin wanted to have a small family get-together to celebrate Alden's first birthday.  Since the weather was so nice, we ended up meeting for a hike at Great Bear.  We set off on the Upper Quarry Trail, then cut over on the Root Hill Trail to the river.  Here were took a long break to snack, throw rocks in the river, and open a few presents, which my sweet little guy carried in his backpack for the entire hike.  Alden was more interested in exploring than in the actual presents, but he will certainly enjoy them later absent the excitement of trees!sticks!dog!

After the break at the river, we took Great Bear Road back to the parking area, making a short loop (I didn't track it, but I'd guess perhaps 1.5 miles roundtrip).  Grandpa Bruce had cupcakes waiting in his truck, so there was more snacking and some playing in the grass before Erin rushed Alden home for his afternoon nap.  

chasing Daisy


snack by the river
this rest was torment for Daisy, as my Dad kept her leashed to keep her out of the water

Frankie reading to Alden
Alden finds the sound of ripping paper to be the hysterically funny

Back at the trailhead

Sleepy hug goodbye

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