September 25, 2016

Great Bear in September

Erin and I wanted to get together for another hike, and since we hadn't been to Great Bear Farms since spring, we decided to meet there.  We took what has become our default short loop, down to the river via Alec's Trail and back via Great Bear Road.  There are so many more trails available here, but we're always trying to fit our hikes into a narrow window, constrained on the front end by how long it takes Frankie and I to get out there, and at the back end by Alden needing to get home for his nap.  And since we can't possibly skip the river, this is where we go.  It is a lovely little walk and fits our needs for now.  Someday those boys will be ready for a longer loop!

It was chilly when we arrived, still in the 40s, and there was still a little mist on river when we arrived.  It burned off quickly with the rising temperatures, but I was pleased we made it in time to see the end of it.  Frankie threw rocks and riverweed into the water, we saw another bald eagle, and we snacked at the picnic table.  Erin wore the big Kelty carrier, but Alden never ended up needing to ride.  He did ask to be picked up a number of times, but after being carried briefly on Erin's hip, was always willing to walk some more.   So that was a big development for the little guy -- he did really great.  It was such a beautiful day in the woods!  I love fall in Central New York so much. 

hands in his pockets due to the chilly temperatures

another stick hound

download map from Friends of Great Bear

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