September 11, 2016

Short Hike at Three Rivers

Erin and I have had a hard time getting together for hikes this summer, but we finally met up for a short walk at Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area.  Alden gets up super early and we wanted to catch him before his nap, so I rushed Frankie out the door, skipping his yogurt and giving him the pear slices to eat in the car.  We managed to get out there by 8:30 am, a rare feat for my morning slug.  It's not so much that Frankie sleeps in, not by normal standards anyway; he is almost always up by 7 am.  It's just that he likes to lollygag in the mornings.  But we made it!

We selected Three Rivers for our destination, knowing that it would be off the table in a few short weeks once hunting season starts.  As it was, we weren't able to hike the route we intended because of some sort of fox hunting or training activity that had vehicles in areas they normally aren't allowed, and guns being fired.  Nevertheless, we made a little loop hiking along the gravel service roads.  Alden got to try out his rain boots, but wasn't too certain about the big clodhoppers.  He didn't feel very confident in them, so Erin changed him back into his sandals, and he immediately felt more bold.  He did a great job hiking on his own until he got tired.  Frankie added some more rocks and a dried evening primrose stalk to his "adventure pack."

We saw a bald eagle, a red eft, and a red-tailed hawk.  It was really nice!

eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens)

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