November 19, 2016

Lake Loop Trail, Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake Nature Center is a County Park with about 10 miles of groomed trails and a visitors center.  Being a nature center, hunting is not allowed, and as a result, we almost always hike there in November.  Today was unseasonably warm, with temperatures that rose above 70 degrees before a cold front rolled in.  We walked the 3-mile Lake Loop Trail, which as the name suggests, circumnavigates the lake, making use of several elevated boardwalks through the swamps.  Boardwalks are always a hit with kids, so much that Frankie got "stuck" on the Bog Trail for a long time, insisting we had to hike that every time.

We finally broke out of that rut last year, but still haven't hiked the Lake Loop Trail often.  I can only remember taking Frankie on it once before, last spring.  I was very happy to hike this trail today.  It is the longest trail in the park, and as such, was my default for many years before Frankie was born.  There were times in my life when I hiked this trail very frequently, and it always feels like home. 

Download trail map here or here.

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