January 1, 2017

North Country Trail: Cazenovia Gorge

Mary and Keith are visiting over the long weekend for our annual late-Christmas/New-Year celebration.  Well, hiking is one of our favorite ways to spend time together (of course).  Unfortunately, Mary's osteoarthritis has worsened, and she is in the midst of scheduling hip replacement surgery.  She is still determined to get out for daily walks, but needs to be mindful of terrain and distance due to the pain. 

With those concerns in mind, I suggested the Cazenovia Gorge Trail.  It is part of a longer section of the North Country National Scenic Trail that I hiked in October, but none of the others had been before and I knew they'd enjoy it.  It is a rail trail conversion, so is flat and level-surfaced.  However, it is not arrow-straight like many rail trails, and runs alongside Chittenango Creek, which adds charm and visual interest.  We parked at the Clark Street trailhead and headed north with no particular destination in mind beyond a pleasant afternoon hike.  When it seemed prudent, we turned back the way we came, completing 1.5 miles roundtrip.  This is a great place for an easy but scenic hike.

Clark Street trailhead

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